Future Proofing: Cino Auto Repair prepares for EV future with training from Napa NexDrive

Stoney Creek, Ontario — Cino Auto Repair, part of the Napa NexDrive franchise network, has been selected to become an electric vehicles (EVs) repair centre in the future, part of the shop’s futureproofing plans in an EV-heavy future. This exclusive selection will provide more training and investment to the shop under the NexDrive program.

In an interview with the Hamilton Spectator, co-owners and brothers, Serge Cino and Lui Cino, said that the business hopes to help customers manage the transition towards EVs.

“Electric vehicles are on the horizon, and Cino Auto Repair and Napa are joining together to ensure that everyone’s needs are going to be met in the near future,” said Serge.

While internal combustion engines will remain for the next few years, the drastic differences between EVs and combustion vehicles means that shops will need to learn completely new skills to maintain and repair them effectively. The panels may be similar, but inner components will vary.

“It’ll be more high-tech, like computer reprogramming, electrical wiring issues, sensors and things like that,” said Serge.

“It’s evolving into a higher tech industry.”



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