Fused Fleets: Enterprise and Microsoft plan connected car tech in U.S. fleets, coming soon to Canada, U.K.

St. Louis, Missouri — Enterprise Holdings is working alongside Microsoft to bring connected car tech to Enterprise’s rental vehicles in the United States, coming shortly thereafter to Canada and the United Kingdom.

Enterprise has already implemented the technology for hundreds of thousands of vehicles, with as many as 350,000 vehicles set to be connected by the end of 2021.

Over the next five years the company will look to fully convert its fleet to connected vehicles.

Enterprise is using Microsoft’s analytics technologies to gain insights from connected vehicle data that its fleet of vehicles generate, according to the company. The process is expected to streamline the rental experience for customers while creating efficiencies within the business.

Additionally, connected cars can also give OEMs and Enterprise more information about a vehicle through on-board sensors, which have the technology to share specific vehicle information to Enterprise’s systems, streamlining communications between connected vehicles and OEM partners.


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