FSCO testing online tool for auto claims disputes

 By CRM Staff

Toronto, Ontario — March 14, 2014 — An online service that could be used to schedule auto claims pre-hearings and settlements is being tested by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) to streamline insurance claims disputes.

The FSCO is moving ahead with their new e-calendar, which was first announced in January 2014. The sole purpose of the service is the simplification of scheduling arbitration processes, while concurrently minimizing administrative costs and freeing up time for remaining FSCO staff. Its implementation comes as the Ontario government introduced a bill with the intent of making reforms to the auto insurance claims system.

Insurers and law firms have been invited by the FSCO for initial scheduling tests, covering appointments and conferences, file information updates, report filings and to check on upcoming proceedings.

Upon completion of the test period, other companies will be invited by the FSCO to register for the service on a voluntary basis, although the regulator says participation will ultimately be mandatory.

For more information on the FSCO, please visit FSCO.gov.on.ca.



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