Ford’s On Target digs into Mustang, F-150 construction

The latest issue of Ford's On Target looks at changes to the iconic Mustang, among other topics.

By Dylan O’Hagan

Detroit, Michigan — April 4, 2016 — Ford has released its latest On Target publication. The new edition takes a look under the hood at the features of the iconic Mustang and F-150. On Target is a publication created by Ford to provide information for wholesalers and collision repair facilities.

The article on the 2015 F-150 discusses the design of its aerodynamic body that helps the truck realize better mileage than previous model years.

“With the 2015 F-150, an extensive amount of time was spent running aerodynamic simulations and doing wind tunnel tests,” said Rob Lietz of Ford. Lietz is a technical expert in applied computational fluid dynamics. Also included are proper installation procedures for the F-150 front door skin panel.

The F-150 is touched on again briefly in the Fusor structural adhesive guidance section. It gives collision repair technicians an inside perspective on adhesives, appropriate times and places to use them and explains the impact of temperature on the process.  

The latest On Target also includes significant information on the new Mustang. The changes here are more than cosmetic. The 2016 model has a new exterior and interior, but also offers a new independent front and rear suspension for added comfort.

The materials used to build the Mustang have also changed. High-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel can be found through the entire front structure, while the rear frame rails have gone from HSLA 350 to Dual Phase 800. Ford has also begun hydroforming A-pillars on the 2016 hard tops.  This technique was previously used on the 2015 convertible Mustangs.

On Target also dips into the future of Ford vehicles. One of the highlights is a a camera-based Advanced Front Lighting System. It works by widening the beams of light at intersections and unfamiliar bends to help avoid hazards. The information is then stored so the system can remember which bends require more light.

For more information, please read the latest On Target, available at this link.


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