Fix Auto Chilliwack donates refurbished car to single mother

Megan Voth and her daughter have received a refurbished vehicle, thanks to the efforts of Fix Auto Chilliwack and other local businesses.

By Barett Poley

Chilliwack, British Columbia — January 2, 2017 — A single mother and her family are going to find it a little easier to get around, thanks to the donation of a newly refurbished car by Fix Auto Chilliwack.

In addition to being a single mom, Megan Voth is also the caregiver for her three younger siblings, opting to take them in rather than have them go to foster care. This year, she was selected as the recipient of the Fix Auto Chilliwack Christmas Car giveaway. She received a refurbished Toyota Corolla to help her grocery shop, go to work, and take care of the four children under her guardianship – a mammoth task for someone without reliable transportation. The Christmas Car Giveaway is a yearly tradition for Fix Auto Chilliwack.

In fact, the Chilliwack Fix Auto has been taking part in the Christmas time car giveaway for well over a decade. Mayra Barrera is with HR and Business Development for Fix Auto-The Miller Group in British Columbia. She notes that the location, in conjunction with Valley Toyota,  has been doing these giveaways for 13 years now.

Fix Auto and Valley Toyoto also received help from the Chilliwack Times, Simpson Auto, HUB Insurance, Big O Tires and NAPA Auto Parts Chilliwack. Everybody came together to donate funds, skills, and parts to refurbish the Toyota Corolla for Voth and her family.

“For us especially in our community it’s incredibly important to be able to give back to the customers. For them it’s a bad thing that brought them to us, usually car accidents, but if we can give back to them and make things easier during a hard time, we’ve done our jobs right,” says Barrera. “To be able to provide something like this is super important. We’re completely family oriented.”

As mentioned earlier, Voth is the sole caregiver of four young children. It’s a task that would be difficult for anyone, but would be especially difficult for a  young woman with no stable means of transportation.

“Of all the people she’s a fantastic pick. Just to get to work some days she’d have to walk many kilometers, in any sort of weather, as her shifts would start before even the busses were running,” says Barrera. “She’s very young herself, but not only was she taking on the challenge of caring for her own daughter, she took in her three little siblings as well – and she was doing it all without a car.”

For more information, please visit fixautochilliwackeast.com.


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