First course on plastic damage assessment

By CRM Staff

Toronto, Ontario — August 13, 2018 — Accountable Estimating has paired up with Polyvance to introduce the industry’s first educational course about plastic part damage assessment.

Estimating Plastic Repair is the online training course designed to teach estimators how to properly assess the repairability of the plastic components on a vehicle. The course focuses on bumper covers and headlights.

It takes the user through a number of different types of plastics and the three main types of plastic repair techniques used throughout the industry.

It’s split up into four modules. Each module is designed to be less than 30 minutes in duration, allowing the learner to remain on site and in production while completing the training.

Finally, the course ends with a series of exercised to test the skills of the estimator. The result will be increased plastic repair profits and a greater ROI on training and equipment.

The overall completion of this course will prepare the estimator for a better understanding and skillset for estimating plastic repairs.

Accountable Estimating is also excited to introduce Polyvance’s Plastic Bumper Repairability Scale to the collision repair industry. The purpose of this scale is to rate damage severity from level 1 to level 5, with level 1 being repairs that could easily be performed by a technician with average plastic repair skills and level 5 being extremely difficult or impossible for that same technician.

For course information and registration, visit accountableestimating.com.


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