First Action: Canadian Council of Collision Repairers (CCCR) announces time study survey addressing unpaid administrative time issue

Toronto, Ontario — The Canadian Council of Collision Repairers (CCCR) will focus on addressing the issue of unpaid administrative time by conducting a comprehensive time study among its members. The study will be conducted as a result of the council’s recent member survey which prioritized the top three issues facing the Canadian collision repair industry: unpaid administrative time, material costs and repair versus replace.

Kelvin Campbell, co-chair of the CCCR, stated: “We are pleased with the participation of our members in this survey and are committed to addressing the issues that matter most to them. The time study will provide us with accurate data to understand the extent of the unpaid administrative time issue, which will help us to develop effective solutions.”

Max DiFelice, co-chair of the CCCR, added: “The CCCR has grown significantly since its inception, and this survey is a testament to our commitment to working together for the common good of the collision repair industry. We are excited to continue our progress by conducting this time study and addressing the issues that matter most to our members.”

To conduct the time study, the CCCR will develop a survey or worksheet for members to share their data via the website’s “Info Sharing Group.” The CCCR will compile all the unpaid steps involved in getting a vehicle mapped out for repair, and the results will be prepared for public presentation.

The CCCR invites interested members and other shop owner/managers to sign up for these initiatives by visiting the group’s website at www.collisionrepaircouncil.ca. Members will gain access to the website firewall and the CCCR Action Groups.

In addition, the CCCR has updated its website with additional fields for registrants to complete to gain access to private discussion groups behind the website firewall. These chat rooms will be accessible by invite only to ensure confidentiality among group members.

The CCCR has also identified a need for regular meetings and will hold its first in-person meeting in conjunction with Collision Repair magazine’s EV REPAIR TOUR early this summer.


About Canadian Council of Collision Repairers (CCCR)

The CCCR, composed solely of shop owners and managers, is dedicated to promoting profitability, professionalism and consumer confidence in the collision repair industry.

Contact: Canadian Council of Collision Repairers info@collisionrepaircouncil.ca www.collisionrepaircouncil.ca


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