Final Stretch: MOMS Act to increase oversight of towing sector passes stage of legislation

Ottawa, Ontario — The Moving Ontarians More Safely (MOMS) Act, 2021 which seeks to strengthen oversight of the vehicle towing and storage industry, as well as to create tougher penalties for drivers caught engaging in high-risk driving, recently passed another stage in the legislative process. 

On May 31, 2021, the Third Reading of Bill 282, the MOMS Act, was carried on division, making it one step closer to getting passed. 

The MOMS Act was first introduced on April 26, 2021, the proposed legislation will introduce new measures to combat high-risk driving and improve road safety, including longer driver’s licence suspensions and longer vehicle impoundment periods for drivers who engage in stunt driving, street racing and aggressive driving.

The MOMS Act, also seeks to establish a certification system that would require tow truck operators, tow truck drivers and vehicle storage operators to require a provincial certificate, through the Towing and Storage Safety and Enforcement Act, 2021

If passed, the proposed towing regulations would introduce a Standards of Practice for the industry, with the intention of protecting customers. This will include vehicle and equipment requirements, invoicing practices, roadside behaviours⁠ and penalties for avoiding the regulated standards.

Additionally, the province looks to appoint a Director of Towing and Vehicle Storage Standards to oversee the certification process and to appoint towing inspectors to enforce the Act and investigate any complaints. 

For updates on the status of the Act, click here. 


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