Fight for Your Right: AIA Canada launches letter-writing campaign prioritizing Right to Repair

Toronto, Ontario — With the snap federal election quickly turning people’s focus to key election issues, AIA Canada is hoping to convince Canadian drivers that the Right to Repair movement should be among a voter’s top priorities come Sept. 20.

The Automotive Industries Alliance of Canada (AIA) has been fighting for the last several years to draw government attention toward the issue of vehicle data rights and see this upcoming election as a perfect time for Canadians to help bring this dialogue to the forefront.

AIA has set up a form on their website allowing Canadians to “Take Action” and send a personalized letter to the candidates in their riding, requesting that the issue of Right to Repair be prioritized in their platform.

The organization will also be hosting a webinar on Aug. 24 to inform voters of the details of the Right to Repair movement and lay out AIA’s action plan for the election. The presentation will be lead by AIA Canada president J.F. Champagne.

Registration for AIA Canada’s Right to Repair webinar.


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