Fat Finger Fallout: Rivian accidentally bricks owners’ infotainment systems with new update

Toronto, Ontario — Rivian accidentally bricked the infotainment system of dozens of vehicles with an OTA update, blaming the issue on a “fat finger” mistake when uploading a new software build.

According to an update from the automaker on Reddit, the cars are still allegedly drivable, but many owners are reporting that both the main infotainment screen and the instrument cluster are completely or partially dead.

In many cases, this issue means that drivers will have no speedometer, climate control or range readout.

In the recently made Reddit update, a Rivian representative did not provide a timeline for a possible fix and stated that “service will be contacting impacted customers and will go through the resolution options. That may require physical repair in some cases.”

Other owners claim to have been told by customer service: “If your speedometer, gear indicator, and backup cameras are working, the vehicle is safe to drive. Otherwise, they will provide a rental.”

Responses to the Reddit post from customers have been both understanding and frustrated with some customers being understanding that technology can break and other customers wishing that email notifications had been sent for updates rather than Reddit.


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