EV/AV Report: June 1, 2020

Delayed deliveries

After the Porsche Taycan’s release late last year, sales of the German automaker’s first electric vehicle were a little shocking, with pre-orders exceeding 15,000 units.

Now, with the coronavirus outbreak impacting every industry around the world, Porsche claims the pandemic has complicated deliveries of the Taycan for Canadian and US customers.

From December to March, Porsche reported 350 sales of the Taycan in the U.S. The majority of those—221 units—were during the first quarter of 2020.

Klaus Zellmer, chief executive of Porsche Cars North America told Automotive News that due to the coronavirus, the company’s Zuffenhausen assembly plant in Stuttgart, Germany was shut down, with no Taycan production from April to May.

As a result, Zellmer says Canadian and US buyers may have to wait a little longer to receive their flashy Taycan EVs.

A quiet revolution 

GMC has released a sneak-peak of their newest innovation, the GMC Hummer EV. 

Announced via a Superbowl ad in February, GMC says the all-electric vehicle will have zero emissions, up to 1,000 horsepower and up to 11,500 Lb.-ft. of torque. 

The company says they will continue to provide updates on the vehicle. 

Tesla turns down pricing

Tesla has lowered the price of all its vehicles in Canada—after raising them just two months ago. 

The price changes are as follows: 

  • Model 3: The Standard Range Plus dropped from $55,990 to $52,990, the Long Range has dropped $67,990 to $64,990, and the Performance Model 3 has dropped from $77,990 to $74,990.


  • Model S: The Long Range Plus now starts at $105,990, down $7,000 from $112,990. The Performance also saw a $7,000 price drop, now starting at $130,990.
  • Model X: The Long Range Plus now starts at $112,990, and the Performance version starts at $137,990.
  • Model Y: Tesla has kept the price of the Long Range Model Y in Canada at $75,990, and the Performance version at $85,990.




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