EV/AV Report: December 21, 2020

Toronto, Ontario – In this week’s electric and autonomous vehicle report, LeddarTech announces a partnership with Renesas, CIECA releases a video on best practices for ADAS repair and GreenPower Motor Company delivers its first EV Star Cargo Plus to the City of Vancouver.

Another Rung on the Leddar

Global ADAS developer, LeddarTech, has announced a partnership with Renesas to expand the company’s research into ADAS technology.

This new collaboration will see the two companies working in tandem, combining LeddarTech’s industry-leading raw data sensor fusion stack and LiDAR technology with Renesas’ newly launched R-Car V3U—a best-in-class ASIL D system-on-chip (SoC) for ADAS and AD systems.

“Renesas is the market leader in automotive processors,” said LeddarTech CEO Charles Boulanger. 

“Our collaboration on this project accelerates the market introduction of a safer and cost-efficient ADAS system that offers an improved user experience. The solution also enables software for extensible and upgradable ADAS and AD platforms, accelerating subsequent innovation and development cycles.”

ADAS Anonymous

In the ongoing effort to instil consistent ADAS repair practices across the automotive industry, CIECA has released a short instructional video to guide technicians through an ideal workflow.

The five-minute video lays out a 12 step process for how technicians should approach repairing a vehicle equipped with ADAS.

This workflow process emphasizes the need to educate the customer on the full scope of their vehicle’s ADAS capabilities at full functionality; a point which, if not fully understood, could lead drivers to accept incomplete or unsafe repairs.

The video is posted to AirPro Diagnostics’ YouTube channel.

EV Deliveries

GreenPower Motor Company Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of zero-emissions electric-powered medium and heavy-duty vehicles, announced today the delivery of its first EV Star Cargo Plus to the City of Vancouver.

The 25-foot shuttle is the industry’s first purpose-built class 4 vehicle, which means it was designed and built from the ground-up to be battery-electric. 

The EV Star was designed around the drive system; and by utilizing a unibody construction, the life expectancy of the vehicle is an industry-leading ten years. 

The vehicle can be used for paratransit, micro-transit, cargo delivery, employee transportation and vanpool services.


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