Eurovac promises safe aluminum repairs with dust extractor

Eurovac’s portable dust extractor fulfills Ford’s requirement for repairers to use wet mix dust extraction systems for aluminum repairs on vehicles like the 2015 F150.  

Valley City, Ohio — July 18, 2014 — Eurovac is pleased to announce its new portable wet mix dust extraction system for aluminum repairs.

Used with source capture sanding tools, Eurovac says the wet mix portable ensures the safe, effective removal of explosive aluminum dust. The system also eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination of dusts which can lead to galvanic corrosion that will affect the structural integrity of the vehicle.

For larger shops, Eurovac has a line central wet mix scrubbers ranging from 5HP to 75HP systems which allow multiple users to sand at the same time. A wet mix dust extraction system is required by Ford for repair of their 2015 F150 truck.

For more information please visit Eurovac.com, or call 1-800-265-3878. Eurovac can also be reached by email at info@eurovac.com.



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