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By Gideon Scanlon

Toronto, Ontario – March 29, 2019 – Cut your KPIs, motivate your team, make the waiting room great again… I have listened to a lot of industry-oriented seminars in my time at Collision Repair.

Many provide compelling insights into effective management tips. Some even give owners the tools they need to ring more value from their businesses. Very few, however, offer any meaningful solutions to the biggest challenges facing the industry.

Squeezed by OEMs and insurers, the collision industry is also bracing for the widespread arrival of new game-changing technologies.

Worse still, after a century of servicing a population that had its transportation needs almost entirely based around privately owned automobiles, business owners face a very different looking future. Not only could it see fewer vehicles in more hands, it may soon see collision-prone people replaced with precise computers behind the wheel.

Even without major changes hitting, the pace of consolidation picks up, only half of the operations in business today will remain open in 15 years time.

So, what is a repairer to do?

I will be frank. I am not certain. Only charlatans are.

What I can say is that the businesses that seem best placed to keep their doors open are the ones that focus on effectively training their technicians and doing so consistently.

While we have no idea what the vehicles of 2034 will look like, it is a safe bet that those making the repairs will know what to do. While improving touch time is all well and good, it is hardly enough!

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