Do You Smell That: Garbage truck engulfed in flames captured by Google Street View

Vancouver, British Columbia ⁠— If you’re using it properly, Google Street View can deliver hours of fun. After all, Google’s map car drives all over the world daily⁠—they’re bound to capture some wacky situations.

That’s exactly what happened in West Vancouver back in April when a Google Street View vehicle captured an ignited garbage truck along the Trans-Candaa highway.

You can view a stop-motion-esque rundown of the event by clicking along the road in Street View.

At first, all you can see is a plume of flames atop the truck before a good Samaritan approaches the operator, who is seen climbing the truck’s side ladder, armed with an extinguisher in hand. 

While the aftermath of the event is unclear, Jeremy Crawford, the general manager of Waste Control Services Inc., told CTV News Vancouver the fire broke out on one of their trucks on April 20 and an employee was able to extinguish the flames.

While Crawford said he did not know the exact cause of the fire, he does not think it was mechanical.

“It’s just speculation at this point but it could have been from something in a container that he just serviced that might have been smouldering at the time like a cigarette butt,” he says. “The wind from travelling at highway speeds could have stoked the fire.”


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