Digital Dreams: Future for the Car Summit 2020

Toronto, Ontario — Financial Times Live is producing its sixth annual digital summit unpacking the complex internal forces that are changing the future of the automotive industry forever.

The digital conference titled, “Future of the Car,” and will be held from December 2 to the 4 starting at 9 a.m. GMT on Financial Times Live where you can also register for the event.

The conference will be moderated by the Financial Times (FT) own world-class journalists, and will speak with industry experts, innovators and thought leaders that will discuss the critical challenges and new trends that are impacting the automotive sector in a post-pandemic world.

The summit will zero in on the critical risks and opportunities brought into play by COVID-19, changes in human behaviour, new technologies, new business models, and the move towards a net-zero global economy.

FT Live events, such as this one, keep you connected and informed in an uncertain and constantly changing industry. FT has taken its global audience reach and engagement to a new level of communication through a series of virtual summits.

To find out more and register for the event, click here.

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