DEG-ging Deep: Updated procedure for Chevrolet Equinox impact bar replacement

Toronto, Ontario — A pair of inquiries to the Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG) have brought about some new insights into the proper procedure for Chevrolet Equinox impact bar replacement.

An inquiry submitted in April 2021 pointed out that the plates welded to the end of the frame rail and bracket of the impact bar don’t have part numbers for separate purchases and that the labour time only accounts for a bolt-on procedure.

DEG Administrator Danny Gredinberg reached out to General Motors after finding that the only procedure was to unbolt and bolt the impact bars back on, with no mention of spot welding.

“At the time, they said if the bar had welds from the factory, it needs to be done,” Gredinberg said.

He reached out to GM after a second inquiry in the hopes of finding the correct repair procedure, to which the OEM replied recommending that the weld be reinstalled.

According to Gredinberg, within two days document 5951770 was created to address the issues.

The document can be found with a valid subscription at acdelcotds.com.


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