Deb Group launches Occupational Creams Campaign

The Deb Group has launched its Occupational Creams Campaign, designed to help prevent occupational skin diseases.

Charlotte, North Carolina — April 3, 2016 — We rarely think about skin care, but maybe it’s time we started paying it more attention. Skin takes an awful beating in the typical collision repair facility, especially on the hands.

This isn’t just about appearance. Shops may experience lost productivity and even absenteeism due to occupational skin diseases (OSDs). Ensuring staff take proper care of their hands can benefit both the staff and the body shop as a whole.

Deb Group specializes in “away-from-home” skin care, including for the workplace. The company has recently launched its Occupational Creams Campaign. The campaign includes products, education and training to help organizations reduce the occurrence of OSDs.

“Studies show … only one in ten workers take care of their hands properly at work,” says Isabelle Faivre, Vice President of Marketing, Deb North America. “This campaign promotes skin care best practices and product usage to help organizations reduce the incidence, severity and cost of workplace skin disorders.”

The Occupational Creams Campaign includes support and education materials for managers and employees to implement an effective skin care program, including:

– The Deb Stoko Skin Care Range: A full product line of pre-work & after-work creams, hand cleansers (from light to super heavy-duty) and hand sanitizers.

– Toolbox Talk Presentation: A short presentation to hand out to employees that can be used by those responsible for health and safety, or line managers, to explain the importance of skin health and when and how to use the skin care products provided.

– Awareness Posters: A suite of educational posters that raise awareness of skin health and remind workers about adopting skin care best practice.

– Employee Information Brochure: A hand-out for all employees explaining the importance of skin health and compliance with the Deb skin care program.

– Point-of-Use Materials: Promotes the three-step skin care program and remind technicians and painters how and when to use products.

– Skin Care Guides for Managers: Provides in-depth understanding of the need for skin care and guidance on implementing a proactive approach to reduce the risk of OSDs.

– Skin Care Checklist: A practical support tool to help managers identify skin care needs in their facility.

For more information about Deb Group and its Creams Campaign, please visit debgroup.com/ca/makehandsmatter.


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