Dazzling Array: BASF unveils 2022/23 colour trends collection

Toronto, Ontario – BASF has announced 2022-2023’s Automotive Colour Trends – a collection of shades and hues designed to inspire automotive designers around the globe.

According to the company’s newsletter, this year’s collection, titled ‘New Array’ refers to the thoughtful process of ordering values and responding to new needs, moving into new colour spaces with new shades along with an increased focus on functionality and sustainability.

Fans of may be disappointed to learn that only two out of the six regions favoured a monochrome tone. North America’s colour, ‘Lava’ depicts a deep charcoal gray with a glowing redness, encouraging communities and individuals to embrace liminal space – an uncanny valley between opportunity and grounding.

Representing the Asia Pacific region is another take on the liminal space – ‘Efflorescense’ is a pearly shade of cream, emphasizing positive and exciting value. The colour has an eco-friendly process and emotional feel, guiding people to live gently, but vividly.

South America’s ‘Cozy Values,’ breaks from the monotones with a brilliant, coppery beige that excludes artisanal innovation, elegance and references the continent’s metalworking traditions. Allegedly, this colour brings the most of the limited space offered by the small cars populating the region.

The Europe, Africa and the Middle Eastern regions, or EMEA, have embraced ‘Minted Gold’, a chromatic golden tone that BASF says can be “translated to the digital age.”

Europe’s key hue for 2022/23 is ‘Gravatar,’ an earthy, yellow shade based on light ivory.

For more information about BASF’s annual trend collection, click here.




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