Data At Your Fingertips: AIA releases new data visualization tool based on 2020 Outlook Study data

Toronto, Ontario – Feel like you’re swimming in spreadsheets these days? The Automotive Industries Association of Canada’s (AIA) brand new data visualization tool could be what helps keep your head above water.

Announced in a press release on Wednesday, the new tool from AIA comes equipped with the latest data from the company’s 2020 Outlook Study, presented in a familiar business-standard Microsoft Excel file format to allow users to easily “sort and order data in the way that best suits their needs.”

The AIA Data Visualization Tool is free of charge for members, but is still available for $950 for non-members on the company’s website.

The press release also contained a number of user reviews praising the quality of AIA’s new product.

“This tool is very helpful, will be able to customize datasets for presentations and provide an ability to tailor my information so it suits whatever stakeholder I’m presenting to. Yes, I totally would save on my desktop!” said Derek Suen manager of R&D/new product development for Dorman Products Inc.

“Taking a look around this tool I think it is absolutely wonderful! To me, this is the data at my fingertips, with a few inputs I can pull different parameters and narrow it down to exactly what I am looking for,” said Kathryn Jones, key account manager at Dorman Products Canada.


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