Cyber Sightings: Cybertruck rear casts spotted outside Tesla’s Giga Texas plant

Photo by Joe Tegtmeyer 

Austin, Texas — The almost mythical Tesla Cybertruck is slowly becoming more and more real as a fervent observer of the brand recently photographed dozens of Cybertruck rear casts lined up just outside of the Giga Texas factory.

Drone pilot and Tesla brand observer Joe Tegtmeyer released yet another of his regularly scheduled Gigafactory Texas drone flyover videos, but this time bearing a special treat for those with sharp eyes.

At around the 29:30 mark of the video, Tegtmeyer says “On this part of the north end of the factory, we see these castings, which are very interesting. Look at the shape, look at the design—I won’t say what I think they are, but I will leave it for the viewers to decide.

“But that is a pretty good view of what those look like,” he said referring to the Cybertruck, in his voiceover.

These images captured by Tegtmeyer corroborate previous sightings of what other Tesla observers have believed to be Cybertruck rear casts.

DriveTeslaCanada speculates that these zoomed-in screengrabs do constitute genuine progress in the production of the Cybertruck, which is expected to finally roll off the line at some point around the third quarter of 2023.


If these are rear castings for the Cybertruck, Inside EVs says the pickup’s rear will be made up on five components–one big casting for the bottom part of the bed and four pieces for the sides, it said, referring to previously leaked images of Cybertruck castings.

Parts believed to be front castings for the Cybertruck were also spotted by Tegtmeyer last month, again, outside Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory.


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