CSN grants wishes with ‘Holiday Change’ effort

Toronto, Ontario — May 29, 2014 — Every single change counts when it comes to making dreams come true! Motivated by the spirit of giving this past December, the CSN Network executed a “Holiday Change Campaign” to help make wishes come true for children with life-threatening medical conditions.

CSN shops all over the country collaborated to collect loose change in their local communities and encouraged their donators to personalize paper ornaments to place on holiday wreaths. The CSN Network raised a total of $11,329.51 in loose change, enough to make a child’s wish come to life!

As a thank you to the CSN shops that raised the most money in their regions, CSN Corporate provided lunch for the staff at the following shops: CSN – VR in Owen Sound ON, CSN – Lou’s in Calgary AB, CSN – Elite in Vancouver BC and CSN – Keizer’s in Sackville NS. CSN would also like to thank all the CSN shops for participating in the “Holiday Change Campaign” and for their continued support of the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Although the tangible gesture of giving loose change allows for children’s wishes to materialize, it is the non-tangible message behind that gesture that has a far more valuable meaning: the loose change that we hardly take notice in our pockets is a currency of hope for many children who are waiting for their dreams to come true!

For more information on CSN, please visit CSNinc.ca.



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