CSN expands in two locations in Ontario

The team at CSN Cambrian in Sudbury, Ont.   

















Mississauga, Ontario — June 16, 2014 — CSN Collision Centres has added two new facilities in Ontario: CSN – Cambrian Collision in Sudbury and CSN – Embrun Collision in Embrun. 

CSN – Cambrian Collision is located at 1615 Kingsway in Sudbury. The facility is an integral part of Cambrian Ford. Founded in 1911 by Alexander McLeod, Cambrian Ford is the oldest Ford Dealership in Canada. As a part of the Ford dealership family, the staff at CSN – Cambrian pride themselves on the collision repair service that they provide to their customers. 
“We feel that collision repair is one of the most important services that Cambrian Ford offers our valuable clientele,” says Scott McCulloch, owner of CSN – Cambrian Collision. 
CSN Collision Centres says CSN – Cambrian is a one of a kind collision repair facility in the Greater Sudbury area. 
“Our staff strives to make each and every customer’s experience a unique and memorable one. Our goal is to maintain a very positive and unforgettable environment for everyone,” says McCulloch. “The best thing about being a part of this industry is delivering repaired vehicles back to their owners and seeing their smiling faces because their pride and joy looks like new again.”
As rewarding as it is for McCulloch and his staff to be a part of the collision repair industry, like most other collision repair facilities they are noticing the numerous technological changes that are presenting many challenges in the day to day practice of repairing vehicles. 
“We face so many daily challenges but the biggest one is keeping up with the technological advancements that play such an important role in shaping our industry for today and tomorrow. Therefore to keep up with this, we are continuously investing in our employees and our facility,” says McCulloch. 
“We are excited about being a part of CSN Collision Centres because CSN shares the same values we have here at our facility. Simply put, this is was a perfect fit,” explains McCulloch. 
The well-appointed waiting room at CSN Embrun.  
CSN – Embrun Collision is located in the community of Embrun in the National Capital Region of the province. 
Started in 1987 as just a one man operation with only one bay, CSN – Embrun grew into a 7,200 sq feet facility with all of the necessary equipment and technology to serve its local community. 
Owners Luc Dubois and Robin Cayer are both dedicated to making CSN – Embrun the collision repair facility of choice in their local market. 
“We both love to work and are proud of what we do. Our facility is an example of an operation that was nurtured with hard work to become what it is today,” explained Dubois. 
The overall culture at CSN – Embrun is founded by dedication, hard work and compassion. 
“We couldn’t have gotten here without the help of our local community. Thus, we feel that is important to always give back to the hand that fed you. We participate in fund raisers for local children’s non-profit organizations and other charities in our community,” said Caver. 
CSN Collision Centres says the team at CSN – Embrun truly cares about satisfying their customers and doing everything in their power to make their customer experiences as easy and pleasant as possible. 
“Our customers trust us with all that we do for them which motivates us to continue to build on our business and participate in extensive training programs to ensure that we are providing our customers with the best possible service,” said Dubois. 
For more information on CSN Collision Centres, please visit csninc.ca

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