CSN Collision Centres expands with CSN-Progressive Collision

CSN-Progressive Collision in Mississauga, Ontario.

Mississauga, Ontario — March 11, 2016 — CSN Collision Centres has expanded its network in Mississauga, Ontario with the addition of CSN-Progressive Collision.

Richard Mounsey got into the collision repair business and started CSN–Progressive Collision around 35 years ago. The shop has been at its current location in Mississauga since 1993.

Mounsey says he started his business out of his love for and genuine interest in the technical work that goes into fixing vehicles.

“Growing up, I was always interested in fixing cars. As part of the necessity of owning my own vehicle, I took an old banged up car and brought it back to its original condition on my own. My work started getting noticed by family and friends and our driveway slowly became my new workplace,” says Mounsey.

For Mounsey, quality collision repairs are not negotiable. However, the business owner stresses that in order for a collision repair business to be successful, it is important for quality repairs to be coupled with professional customer service.

“I always talk about customer service to my staff. Fixing the car is only half the job that we have to do, the other half is in how we treat our customers during the process. Our staff is in this business in order to provide great
straightforward service to each and every customer that walks through our door,” explained Mounsey.

Along with his passion for vehicle repairs, Mounsey loves helping others.

“CSN – Progressive and our team have a responsibility toward our community and I want to make sure that we are fulfilling it. The goal of this business isn’t to be profitable. Rather it is to be profitable in order to give back. The more profitable we get, the more of a responsibility we have to give back to those who need it,” says Mounsey.

The facility has given back to the community in a number of ways, including sponsoring a number of junior athletic teams.

“When we started our initial conversation with Richard about joining our network, the one thing that struck us as extremely admirable was his involvement in the local community. When we see that a shop is so passionate about giving back, it also signals to us that they are passionate about people and will work to go over and above in customer service. The staff at CSN–Progressive is committed to providing a positive environment that attracts customers and this is what makes CSN–Progressive a great addition to our network,” says Derek Bennie, Ontario Regional Manager at CSN Collision Centres.

For more information, please visit some csninc.ca.


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