CRIB Notes: Toyota announces revision to CRIB regarding pre-, post-repair scans

Toronto, Ontario — Toyota has set the record straight when it comes to pre- and post-repair scanning on its vehicles, announcing a revision to the company’s Collision Repair Information Bulletin (CRIB) this month.

The revision to the bulletin attempts to remove any ambiguity from the language 2016’s latest update that required repairers to perform a diagnostic scan “if a vehicle has sustained damage as a result of a collision that may affect electrical systems.”

Toyota has since updated CRIB to say, “It is necessary for repairers perform a ‘Health Check’ diagnostic scan before and after every repair if a vehicle has sustained damage as a result of a collision.”

Then-National General director of claims process and centralized service Jonathan Chase said that the vague language in the previous revision of CRIB resulted in a lot of unnecessary confusion among repairers, who Chase assured are “not trying to get out of it.” They want to ensure the information justifying a scan would be “valid,” he said.

Toyota’s repairer information database, techinfo.toyota.com, has the details of Toyota’s recent CRIB revision, however, the website appears to be down currently due to technical issues.


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