Cox stresses environmental conscientiousness with Rupture Seal

By Andrew Ardizzi

The Rupture Seal is designed to ensure dangerous fluid leaks can be easily plugged on the roadside  

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island — April 28, 2014 — Rupture Seal President and CEO Glenn Cox is endeavouring to make the environment a little bit cleaner with the company’s fluid sealer.

“The purpose of the Rupture Seal is to safely seal ruptures to protect the environment and to save lives,” says Cox. “Our mission statement is that life safety and environmental protection are far too important for us not to protect it.”

Developed in 2011, the Rupture Seal is designed to limit the amount of harmful chemicals that leak into the environment during fuel tank spills, contaminating the surrounding areas and harming the environment itself, and the animals and people inhabiting an area. In order to plug any fuel tank leak, end-users simply only need to insert the pin inside the puncture, and then gently pull the handle back to deploy the seal into the hole to prevent any further leaks.

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