Consolidation Craze: Vincent Romans predicts aggressive consolidation 

Las Vegas, Nevada ⁠— Vincent Romans says he’s seen more independent collision repairers considering selling their business than ever before, he told audiences at the MSO Symposium at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay on Monday.

The managing partner of the Romans Group and publisher of an annual whitepaper on the U.S. and Canadian collision industries spoke on consolidation and private equity trends, where he predicted that collision repair industry consolidation will continue at an “aggressive rate.” 

The Romans Group is estimating multi-location operations with more than US$10 million in annual revenue will represent at least 48 percent of the revenue market share by 2025⁠—and it could get as high as 61 percent.

In the United States, Romans said the top three consolidators⁠—Caliber Collision, Gerber and Classic Collision⁠—will continue on an aggressive expansion plan. 

“It’s not going to stop,” he said. 

According to Romans Group company data, 106 MSOs generated more than US$20 million in revenue in 2019. In 2020, that number was 86⁠—likely due to the number of acquisitions and a small number of closures, he said. 

Romans’ calculations said that, in 2021, 38 U.S.-based MSOs have been acquired, representing 254 locations that generate a combined US$700 million.   


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