Confusing Crossing: Ontario gets its first diverging diamond interchange

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— Remember the first time you came across a roundabout? In all likelihood, you encountered a driver staring blankly ahead, wondering what their next move is. 

Drivers who frequent the Niagara region are sure to encounter such scenarios, with a new diverging diamond interchange located at the Glendale Ave. and Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) intersection.

According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, the interchange was installed to reduce gridlock and improve the flow of traffic. It accomplishes this by reassigning traffic lanes for access to all four directional highway ramps, eliminating the need for left-hand turns when entering or exiting the highway.

Ontario’s instructional video on how to navigate diverging diamond interchanges.

Canada has two diverging diamond interchanges⁠—also known as DDIs⁠—one in Calgary, Alta., and another in Regina, Sask.


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