Concours Collision Centres achieves I-CAR Gold Glass at three locations

The team from Concours Collision Central in Calgary. The facility is one of three Concours Collision Centre facilities to achieve I-CAR Gold Class.

By Barett Poley

Calgary, Alberta — May 3, 2017 — Three Concours Collision Centres facilities are now officially I-CAR Gold Class. Ken Friesen is the owner and operator of the Calgary-based repair chain.

“From getting the idea in our heads to completion, the whole process took about a year and a half,” says Friesen. “But it was more than worth it. We really feel as if now our qualifications on paper reflect the work we’ve always done and are committed to doing.”

Concours Collision started its life in 1981 with Friesen at the helm, and just 3,000 sq. ft. to work with. It has since grown to four collision repair centres across Calgary.

Friesen says that one of the secrets to the success of the Gold Class process lay in choosing the right role representatives to undertake I-CAR Platinum training. I-CAR Gold Class requires I-CAR Platinum Individuals as role representatives in certain critical areas: Refinish Technician, Steel Structural Technician, Non-Structural Technician and Estimator. Friesen says the people you pick are as extremely important when it comes to achieving Gold Class.

“Pick somebody who you know is going to stick with you for a long time,” says Friesen. “He doesn’t have to have been at your shop for the longest amount of time, but if he shows great leadership skills, and if the others follow him, he’ll be a great fit. If your other employees see him working hard, they’ll want to be trained too.”

 The team at Concours' Crowfoot location, one of the three shops that has attained I-CAR Gold Class.  

The team at Concours’ Crowfoot location, one of the three shops that has attained{source}<br/>{/source} I-CAR Gold Class.



Friesen also says not to be too worried about the workers you train leaving your shop. It’s a concern for many repairers, but according to Friesen, if you treat technicians well, you have nothing to worry about. Concours Collision, for example, gives technicians paid time off to undertake needed training. This helps technicians know they’re valuable to the company.

“There’s always the old adage, ‘what if I train someone and he leaves?’” says Friesen, “Well to that I say, ‘what if you don’t train someone and they stay?’”

Overall, Friesen says that certifications like I-CAR Gold Class are the future of the collision repair industry.

“I really think that this is a positive step for the industry,” says Friesen. “I hope others follow the example. It can absolutely help to improve the industry and the image of the industry as a whole if everyone gets on board. We need to not just be accredited, we
need to be certified.”

For more information, please visit concours.ab.ca.

Last but certainly not least, the team from Concours' Royal Oak store. Three of the Concours' locations have achieved I-CAR Gold Class.  
Last but certainly not least, the team from Concours’ Royal Oak store. Three of the{source}<br/>{/source} Concours’ locations have achieved I-CAR Gold Class.  



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