Combustion Bust: Volkswagen will be CO2 neutral in Europe by 2050

Wolfsburg, Germany – German car makers, Volkswagen, will cease the production of combustion engines in Europe by 2035.

“In Europe, we will exit the business with internal-combustion vehicles between 2033 and 2035, in the United States and China somewhat later,” Klaus Zellmer, Volkswagen board member for sales, told the Muenchner Merkur newspaper.

“In South America and Africa, it will take a good deal longer due to the fact that the political and infrastructure framework conditions are still missing.”

While combustion engines will still be produced elsewhere to begin with, by 2050 at the latest, the entire Volkswagen fleet should be CO2-neutral, Zellmer told the newspaper.

This announcement comes as E.U. policymakers are cracking down on exhaust emissions, forcing carmakers to begin the development of low-emission technology or face penalties if they exceed set limits on CO2 emissions.

This initiative would help Volkswagen if policymakers tighten the E.U’s climate targets in the future.


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