Collisions in Saskatchewan at lowest level in six years

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan — January 10, 2016 — Collisions in Saskatchewan have fallen to the lowest level in at least six years. Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) records show that there were 127,585 collision claims filed with the insurers in 2015. Data from before 2010 is not available, but that year there were 130,491 collision claims filed with SGI.

Every year in between 2010 and 2015 had a higher number of claims, with 2013 occupying the top position.

– 2010: 130,491

– 2011: 136,342

– 2012: 134,434

– 2013: 144,438

– 2014: 132,400

– 2015: 127,585

It’s been an unusually dry, warm winter in Saskatchewan, which may have lowered the number of claims reported in 2015. However. Saskatoon saw seven centimetres of snow fall on the city since Wednesday, so it’s possible that 2016 may show higher overall numbers. Saskatoon Police Service had responded to 71 collisions between early Wednesday morning and early Friday afternoon.


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