Collision Coronation: Crown Auto Body opens third location in west-end Winnipeg

Winnipeg, Manitoba – In their ongoing campaign for collision repair conquest in Winnipeg, Crown Auto Group has announced the opening of their third repair shop in the city, with plans for even more expansion in the year to come. 

“This is our third location here in Winnipeg,” said Crown Auto Body and Glass general manager Darren Beer, in a phone interview with Collision Repair

“We also did a 9,000 sq.-ft. expansion at our Waverley location with Symach equipment. The [new] Portage Avenue location is about 5,900 sq.-ft. total and we’re using the latest Symach equipment: we have the SprayTron and the EasyDry system with the track set-up as well. The system itself was all designed by us, Symach and our paint company, AkzoNobel.”

Keeping their product affiliates close is all part of the Crown Auto playbook, as the chain makes a point of working hand-in-hand with their partners to help expand the Crown empire. 

“This one is in the west-end of the city and myself, I look after all three of the bodyshops for the group. We’re hoping to get anywhere from 10 to 12 cars a day out of this facility. It’s pretty small, but I think we can do it with the fast-drying technology from Symach,”  said Beer.

Ambitious claims maybe, but Beer is confident that his shop’s leading-edge technology will be a game-changer for Crown. 

“I know we’re the first shop in the city to use a video updating system for all of our clientele. So we give live videos of the car in-process. We also use a lot of technology from our paint company; we use Carbeat in all of our locations,” said Beer  

He continued, “We take pride in doing a lot of lean production, team pay plans; we’re very ahead of our time in how we do business with our technicians and staff, so we’re gonna apply all those principles there too.”

Even with the announcement of their third shop in the city, Crown Auto Body isn’t looking at slowing down, with plans already in the works for another shop in the west-end, according to Beer, the company is doing everything they can to get both their name and reputation out to the community.

“[We are] making sure our customer service is top-notch, as well as making sure advertising is out there. Making sure we can draw as much clientele to our bodyshops as possible. Accidents are down, but they still happen, so we’re trying to make the customer’s experience as easy as possible,” said Beer.


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