CIIA to host vehicle branding presentation highlighting flood damage

All vehicles in Ontario must have a brand shown on the vehicle's permit. CIIA will host a presentation at Fanshawe College that highlights the rules that protect Ontario consumers and shops from improperly branded vehicles.

London, Ontario — September 11, 2017 — Vehicles in Ontario that have been significantly damaged must be reviewed for purposes of assigning a registration “brand.” This includes vehicles damaged in accidents or through fire, theft, flood and vandalism.

These “brands” can be assigned by responsible parties and act as a registration notice that advises future purchasers that these vehicles may have sustained significant prior damage.

For examples, vehicles may be flood damaged in the US, through storms like the recent Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, or other events. According to John Norris of Collision Industry Information Assistance (CIIA), it’s common for someone to try to arrange for some of these irreparable, parts-only vehicles to be exported to Ontario for sale to unsuspecting consumers as roadworthy vehicles.

CIIA is hosting a presentation at London’s Fanshawe College that will highlight the rules that protect Ontario consumers and shops. The presentation will outline the rules on flood/fire damaged vehicles, how inspection stations are licensed for salvage rebuilt inspections, and the rules around branding and rebuilt vehicle activities.

The two-hour CIIA workshop on branding will take place at Fanshawe College, Z Building, Room 1038, located at 1764 Oxford St E., in London, Ontario. The presentation is open to industry personnel at no charge. No invitation or ticket is required to attend. The presentation starts at 4 p.m.

CIIA can answer any branding or inspection telephone inquiry from industry members regarding this program at 1-866-309. 4272. An information package will be made available at the presentation.

More information on Ontario’s mandatory vehicle branding program is available at this link.


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