China’s top collision repair event set for February 2014

Beijing, China — November 11, 2013 — The China Automotive Maintenance and Repair Trade Association (CAMRA) will be holding its 31st annual collision industry trade show in February 2014 and is inviting collision professionals from the Canadian collision industry and Wedge Clamp Systems (WCSI).

Running from Feb. 26 to Mar. 1, 2014, the Auto Maintenance and Repair (AMR) trade show consists of nearly 1,200 exhibitors and 58,000 visitors annually, with vendors and consumers having the opportunity to interact with national product manufacturers, car dealers, repair shops and repairers, all the while gaining insight into the Chinese collision repair industry. 

The convention coincides with the Chinese Ministry of Transportation’s invitation to collision professionals to tour Beijing, Suzhou, Xian and Shanghai over the course of the convention’s schedule as part of a 7-10 day trip. The effort is intended as an opportunity for Chinese and international industry leaders to discuss the collision repair business in China, while concurrently exposing industry stakeholders to Chinese culture. 

For more information on CAMRA, or to learn more about the 2014 AMR trade show, please visit auto-maintenance.com/cn.



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