Chief releases heavy-duty weld fume extractor

Chicago, Illinois — April 27, 2015 — Chief Automotive Technologies is now offering a heavy-duty weld fume extractor to help protect technicians from breathing in harmful airborne particulates.

Part of Chief’s product line expansion into “fusion” products, the fume extractor uses an electric motor to draw weld fumes through a cylindrical arm that leads to a large ProTura Nanofiber cartridge. The filter offers a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) 15 efficiency rating—one of the highest ratings indicating greater efficiency in trapping airborne particles.

“Welding and brazing produce toxic fumes that can be harmful to the technician operating the welder or those working nearby,” says Bob Holland, director of collision in North and South America for Chief parent company Vehicle Service Group (VSG). “Continued exposure can lead to illness, lost time and worker’s compensation claims. Some facilities utilize overhead vacuum systems to clean the air, but the new Chief fume extractor offers superior protection by capturing weld fumes before they reach the technician’s breathing zone.”

The fume extractor arm’s non-traditional construction—manufactured with powder-coated aluminum with cast aluminum joints in lieu of plastic tubing—aims to prevent wear and breakage. The seven-foot arm holds a bell-shaped extraction hood with an integrated 360-degree handle and an ember catcher to prevent hot particles from reaching the filter. A built-in pressure gauge indicates when the filter should be replaced, and the machine’s “Quick Seal” door release allows for tool-free filter removal and maintenance.

Chief says the product’s compact design and long vertical reach makes it easy to use, requiring the technician to roll the fume extractor to the work area, position the extraction hood near the metal being welded, and turn the motor on. An optional arc detector automatically switches the fume extractor on as soon as the technician strikes the arc.

Other options include a hood-mounted light kit to help illuminate the work area and an extended 10-foot arm for reaching vehicles loaded on frame racks or lifts.

“By equipping a shop with a Chief fume extractor, facility operators can not only protect their workers, but they can also help reduce injury downtime and improve productivity,” says Holland.

To learn more, please visit chiefautomotive.com/OnOurLines. 


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