Chief introduces LaserLock Live Mapping

The LaserLock cabinet workstation. The main monitor is dedicated to the LaserLock live mapping system, while the secondary web-enabled monitor can be used to run an estimating system or to access OEM repair procedures.   

Madison, Indiana — November 13, 2013 — Chief Automotive Technologies introduced its LaserLock live mapping system at last week’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nev. A statement from the company says it is the next evolution in computerized collision repair measuring Chief’s LaserLock system includes a new laserscanner with out-of-level measuring capabilities; 45 targets and a wide range of attachments; a lockable, portable workstation equipped with dual flat screen monitors, computer and color printer; and exclusive Chief software.

 â€œThe LaserLock measuring system is so advanced, it is in a product category of its own,” explains Lee Daugherty, Chief global data product manager. “LaserLock precisely measures up to 45 individual points on a vehicle simultaneously in real time. This live, multipoint mapping enables technicians to measure and monitor dimensional changes as they occur during pulling, so there’s no need to recalibrate after every pull, and there is less risk of accidentally putting more damage into a vehicle. LaserLock live mapping is computerized measuring for the next generation.”
The lightweight, durable new LaserLock scanner features an ergonomic design with easy-to-reach handles and a compact profile that maximizes the laser’s line of sight. As a result, LaserLock can simultaneously measure more reference points than any other system on both full-frame and unibody vehicles. In fact, LaserLock can map an entire vehicle at once, making it possible to repair vehicles with diamond or twist damage, as well as frames that have both front and rear damage.
LaserLock’s design allows for vehicles to be measured even when they’re not level, so set-up time is reduced. Chief says this also makes LaserLock a natural choice for the estimating bay, where it can be used with a simple two-post lift to measure every vehicle, resulting in better scheduling, more efficient repair plans, improved cycle times and happier customers. 
“We strongly believe that every collision-damaged vehicle should be measured before repairs begin,” says Daugherty. “LaserLock makes it much easier for estimators and technicians to identify not only visible damage, but hidden secondary damage, as well.”
Chief says that moving LaserLock from the estimating bay to the frame rack is easy using the system’s portable workstation. This custom steel cabinet is on casters, so it can glide around the shop as needed. 
The workstation houses a computer loaded with Windows XP Professional Edition and exclusive Chief software. It is equipped with dual flat screen monitors. The main monitor is dedicated to the LaserLock live mapping system, while the secondary web-enabled monitor can be used to run an estimating system or to access OEM repair procedures. The company says that with LaserLock, technicians never need to leave the bay during the repair process, leading to significantly greater productivity.
The lockable workstation has a secure body scanner drawer, as well as secure storage for the computer, monitors and printer. 
Recognizing that modern vehicles are increasingly complex to repair, LaserLock includes a step-by-step tutorial program to help technicians make higher quality repairs quickly, accurately and profitably. The system includes on-screen photos of recommended targets and attachments, as well as where they should be placed. Chief also includes free interactive live support.
LaserLock enables shops to print full-color maps of all the collision damage on a vehicle as part of the estimating process, as well as a final inspection report showing that the vehicle has been returned to OEM specifications. 
Like all Chief measuring systems, LaserLock uses the company’s exclusive vehicle spec data. According to a statement from Chief Automotive Technologies, company personnel measure every vehicle themselves with the frame anchored and the suspension unloaded in order to provide technicians with “real world” accuracy. Chief also says that its specs cover more vehicles than anyone else.
For more information about the Chief Automotive Technologies LaserLock live mapping system, please visit chiefautomotive.com.

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