Chief introduces Globaljig Koala

The Globajig Koala provides straightening in a compact package.

Madison, Indiana — May 18, 2016 — Globaljig has introduced the Koala bench. Globaljig is presented in North America by Chief, a division of Vehicle Services Group.

The Koala’s main claim to fame is its small size. According to a statement from Chief, this compact size also comes with a compact price. However, Chief also states that it’s “versatile enough to handle most of the structural work that comes through a typical collision repair shop, including the centre section holding required to repair the latest generation of vehicles.”

The Koala structural repair bench can be used as an install or work bay lift for vehicle tear down and reassembly, sheet metal repair, blueprinting operations, or for structural straightening and holding of parts for replacement.

“For shops that don’t have a lot of space but do have high enough workflow to warrant an additional bench solution, Koala is a cost-effective investment in improved productivity,” says Bob Holland, Director of Collision Sales in North and South America for Chief parent company Vehicle Service Group (VSG). “Koala has a small footprint and tremendous versatility. It will accommodate about 90 percent of the structural collision repair jobs at most body shops.”

Koala has a drive-over height of just 6 inches. It can raise vehicles weighing up to 5,500 lbs. to a working height up to 5 feet 3 inches. The removable 10-ton pulling post can bemounted anywhere around the Koala frame for 360-degree pulling, and can be shared between multiple benches. Extension plates on Koala’s sill clamps provide increased space between the bench and vehicle, making it easier to position computerized measuring system equipment.

According to Chief, the Koala is the smallest bench on the market to offer 8- to 10-point centre section holding through an optional double crossbeam/universal jig system.

Additional Koala optional accessories include an upper body/suspension measuring system, bench cover plate, and a loading ramp package. The Koala repair system can be floor or pit mounted.

For more information, please visit chiefautomotive.com/Global-Jig/Car-Bench/Koala.


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