Chief adapts frame rack to accommodate 2015 Ford F-150

Chief’s structural holding package will be included in the Ford 2015 F-150 collision repair program.  

Madison, Indiana–June 23, 2014–Modern vehicles manufactured with aluminum and other “exotic” materials require an updated approach to collision repair. Fortunately, the new Structural Holding Package from Chief Automotive Technologies allows shop operators to use their existing frame racks to properly repair these vehicles. The Chief Structural Holding Package is included in the Ford 2015 F-150 collision repair program.

“Sectioning is recommended as part of the repair procedures for many modern vehicles. In order to do this properly, it is important to hold the vehicle at strategic locations along the body so it does not shift out of place during the repair,” says Richard Perry, global repair product manager for Chief parent company Vehicle Service Group (VSG). “The new Chief Structural Holding Package works with a Chief frame rack to provide these additional holding points. The system also can be used when pulling steel frames to distribute pressure evenly. This reduces the risk of inflicting further damage and makes it easier to return a vehicle to OEM specifications.”

The Chief Structural Holding Package includes more than 50 components that can be combined in a variety of ways to secure a vehicle at a wide range of holding points. Vice clamps are included for use on frame-based trucks and vans, while unibody vehicles can be secured at their suspension mounting points or upper rails with bolt-on surface plate attachments. The entire contents of the Structural Holding Package come neatly arranged on a rolling tool board to keep everything organized and easy to move.

The Structural Holding Package’s four bases fit into the rectangular deck holes on most Chief frame racks, including the some 30,000 Chief racks currently in the field. As a result, shops do not need to modify their existing racks to use the holding package. The system is also compatible with many competitive frame racks.

Once each base is placed in its proper location, the technician can build a secure connection up to the vehicle holding point using an assortment of short and long tubes, turnbuckles, locking wing nut assemblies, mounting plates and bolts. Spanner wrenches are included in the package to lock each assembly into place.

To view a video series that shows how to use these fixtures, visit Chief’s Vimeo channel at Vimeo.com.

For additional information about the Chief Structural Holding Package please visit ChiefAutomotive.com or call your local Chief distributor at 1-800-445-9262.



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