Cellular Saves: Audi developing vehicle communication tech

Toronto, Ontario — Audi is partnering with Qualcomm and Virginal Department of Transportation to develop a car communications system it says will make roads safer.

The new communication technology will be using a cellular-based transmitter—a “cellular vehicle-to-everything” (C-V2X) system. According to the OEM, the tech allows vehicles to send and receive data from their surroundings, like smart traffic lights, road condition updates, or other motorists.

C-V2X technology is predicted to work in conjunction with AVs if approved. The Federal Communications Commission even revealed a plan to reserve a portion of public airwaves for C-V2X transmissions.

Audi now aims to install the technology on a select number of Q8 SUVs to test in Virginia. The company’s test will be focussed on work zone warnings as well as traffic light status at upcoming intersections—two vital areas of vehicle communications

According to Consumer Reports, the implementation of effective C-V2X technology has the potential to save thousands of lives each year.

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