Success is not a straight path—ask Jamie Gray At the end of 2021, Assured Automotive presented Jamie Gray, a graduating student of Fanshawe College’s 310B Program, with the Jerome D’Silva Memorial Award. Typically, awards are given to those who perform best in their realm; and while Jamie did graduate with a 3.84 GPA, the chief […]


More than a partner—a collaborator in solutions Rexall Solutions was founded by Ryan Rahbar, who also serves as president of the company. Originally, the company focussed on manufacturing and distributing chemicals for research and Government labs in Canada but has since transitioned to offer a world of specialized solutions for a variety of industries. “Rexall […]


Sylvain Seguin (left) and Steve Leal are keen to increase Fix Network’s footprint across Canada. There are few career moments as exciting—and these days, as challenging—as taking over the top job at a company or organization. And when you are asked to spearhead the Canadian operations of one of the fastest growing global businesses, it […]

Think 24-Year-Olds Don’t Influence Insurance? Think Again

SPONSORED By Evan Davies, Chief Technology Officer, Solera The oldest members of Generation Z turn 24 years old this year. This generation came of age at time when companies like Amazon, Uber, and AirBnB are using AI to simplify purchasing, communicate directly with customers, and apply analytics to their business. Frankly, this generation may not remember […]