The Art of KPI’S

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Performance has long since been a measure of success in this Industry. That hasn’t changed. What has changed are the Key Performance Indicators and how they are measured. There’s no mistake about it—the industry is seeing a shift—a move toward a measured performance marketplace. Achieving sustainable improvement is entirely possible; in fact it can be […]

Work Smarter

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Work Smarter, and you’ll vacation more Applying structure to your business can seem like an impossible task, given the number of “surprises” that business owners tend to encounter on a typical workday. But you may be glad to hear employing structure is entirely in your hands. The process of doing so, in fact, is simple. […]

Future of Repair

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Paul Stella is the Collision Repair and Refinish Manager for Toyota Canada. Stella recently sat down with Collision Repair magazine to discuss construction details on new models, updates to Toyota Safety Sense/Lexus Safety Systems+ and the difference between customer service and customer satisfaction. Collision Repair magazine: Broadly speaking, what can we expect from Toyota and Lexus in 2018? […]

Dreams Achieved

When Tropicana hosted its annual Career Fair, Assured Automotive was one of the many companies in attendance, hoping to bring in new talent. “Assured has been at the Tropicana Career Fair since it started,” said Rocco Aurelio, who handles Business Development at Assured. This year, Assured’s dedication to bringing in these passionate, young individuals was […]