Recycling Revelations: New York Times report reveals reality of catalytic converter thefts

Toronto, Ontario — In a recent report by Walt Bogdanich, Isak Hüllert and Eli Tan, featured in The New York Times, the reality of catalytic converter theft and recycling has been put into greater perspective. An examination of business records, social media posts and official interviews reveals that stolen catalytic converters pass through middlemen, smelters […]

Collision repairers, general public lacks understanding of green recycled parts, Ontario auto recyclers’ study concludes

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— Customers of auto recyclers⁠—especially collision repairers⁠—seem to lack an understanding of the potential environmental benefits of using green recycled parts, according to a new report by the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) and compiled by Oakdene Hollins. There’s also a lack of trust in the reliability and safety of green recycled parts, […]

Extrication Excitement: Pfaff Autoworks in Markham, Ontario hosts firefighters to raise funds

Markham, Ontario – On September 23, 2023, Pfaff Autoworks in Markham, Ontario helped orchestrate a demonstration teaching guests how to safely extricate a vehicle.  The event was hosted by Jeff Pabst of Pfaff Autoworkers and included community members as well as Fleets Coffee and the Call2Recycle company in attendance.  Leading the demonstration was Fire Chief […]

From Farm to Prairie: 230+ cars uncovered on a Canadian farm and sent to auction

Edmonton, Alberta – Andre Moizard’s farm in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta will sadly no longer be sprouting up crops of cars as his estate goes to Prairie Auctions following his recent passing in March 2023. Moizard, who was born in France in 1953 and immigrated to Canada in the 1970s, amassed an impressive collection of vehicles […]

Open in Ottawa: Copart Inc. opens new facility in Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa, Ontario – Copart Inc., a global leader in online auto auctions, has announced that it is opening a new location in Ottawa, Ontario. The newly built facility, 300 Somme St., provides 44 acres of vehicle storage space. The site is conveniently located 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa. “Copart continues to invest in Canada by expanding […]

Genuine Use: OEM parts utilization is higher in EV repair claims, says Mitchell report

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— Mitchell shared its second-quarter insights for Canadian and U.S. EV repair claims last week, where it said electric vehicles use OEM parts in repairs far more than ICE vehicles. According to Mitchell’s data, 90.75 percent of parts used in EV repair claims are OEM; for ICE repair claims, 66.5 percent of parts utilized […]

Boost for Batteries: Quebec launches ‘first-of-its-kind’ EV battery recovery program

Quebec City, Quebec — Quebec recently launched a “first-of-its-kind” electric vehicle (EV) battery recovery program designed to collect, transport, repurpose, remanufacture and recycle end-of-life EV batteries⁠—specifically, fuel cells that fall outside of the established OEM management programs. The EV Battery Recovery Program is the result of a collaboration between vehicle manufacturers that worked with Call2Recycle to […]