Almost a Teenager: Average age of U.S. vehicles hits 12.5 years, new record

Washington D.C. — A new study from the S&P Global Mobility Group has revealed the average age of personal vehicles in the United States is up three months from this time last year, with the average vehicle clocking in at 12.5 years. This marks the sixth consecutive year the average age of vehicles on American […]

Glory to OARA: Recycler convention and trade show held in Mississauga, Ont.

Mississauga, Ontario — Various verticals of the automotive industry were in Mississauga for the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) annual Convention and Trade Show, which saw more than 400 attendees—not including the last-minute registrations at the venue. While OARA did not officially kick off until Friday morning, plenty of delegates arrived a day early for […]

OARA Tomorrow: Ontario recyclers to host EV Roundtable today; trade show and education sessions start Friday

Toronto, Ontario — The Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) Annual Convention and Trade Show begins tomorrow, while the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) is hosting its highly anticipated Electric Vehicle Roundtable today, where more than 75 automotive industry delegates will discuss the implications of and actions surrounding end-of-life EV processing. Companies on the attendee list include […]

On the Line: Copper wire theft and vandalism on the rise across Canada

Ottawa, Ontario — Copper wire thefts have been steadily on the rise across North America, thanks to recent upswings in its selling price. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta have all reported recent increases in the frequency of copper wire thefts on businesses, homes and construction sites alike. Copper is most commonly found […]

Flooding the Market: Concerns raised over surplus of illegal imports in Mexican used market

Toronto, Ontario — The director of an organization representing Mexico’s auto parts industry has spoken out with concerns about his government’s handling of illegally imported used vehicles, as well as new policies that could hurt the local vehicle sales market. Alberto Bustamante, director of Mexico’s National Parts Industry (INA), spoke to reporters from Reuters about […]