Your job is safe in the crash-free future BY ALLISON ROGERS What does a collision-free future look like for the autobody repair industry? At the idea of such a reality, many would imagine the collapse of the sector; no collisions mean no cars to repair. But that’s where you’d be wrong. Honda recently made the […]

Take The Throne

Wally Dingman steps down as ARC chairman, Dalbert Livingstone to step into role BY ALLISON ROGERS The Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) recently announced its 10-years-standing Chairman Wally Dingman of Niagara- on-the-Lake, Ontario’s Caughill Auto Wreckers of will be stepping down from his position. Dalbert Livingstone of Island Auto Supply in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island […]

United Front

(AIA Canada) Your Car. Your Data. Your Choice. campaign aims to raise awareness about vehicle data ownership—a right which vehicle manufacturers believe they’re entitled to. BY BIANCA MAZZIOTTI Your Car. Your Data. Your Choice. has gained attention from a Toronto-based insurance consultant. Brought to Canada in November 2020, the Automotive Industries Association of Canada’s (AIA […]

An Uncertain Path, An Uncertain Future

The question of OEM Certifications BY MADDY KYLIE The automotive industry is an industry like no other. Ripe with innovation and backed by some of the world’s greatest minds, it is a landscape that is constantly evolving. Over the past few years, the industry has made some of the biggest changes yet—cue electric and autonomous […]

The Current Claims Conundrum

Does AI have a place in the collision repair process? BY ALLISON ROGERS The cliché, “you never know what you have until it’s gone,” has never rung so true among the collision repairer community than it does now. The once-dreaded sight of an insurance adjuster walking up the drive used to bring a flood of […]


A new start is on our horizons BY DARRYL SIMMONS Summer has arrived. Pandemic restrictions are loosening from coast to coast. Brighter days are ahead—and Collision Repair’s 20th Anniversary edition is right around the corner. The question on everyone’s mind is what exactly has changed in the last 16 months—and where do we go from […]


How Raj Johal’s passion paved his way to success BY MAX REID It may not seem like it these days, but the collision repair industry is very lucky. Few industries still allow room for the passion and personality that’s present in this field. Managers can build reflections of their values and ideals in the shops […]


ADAM CEIFETS | DRIVEN BRANDS CANADA CARSTAR has announced Adam Ceifets has been appointed vice president of insurance for Driven Brands Canada. Ceifets has more than 27 years of industry experience with vehicle rental partners. Although he spent time on both the operations and sales teams, Ceifets spent the last 14 years driving the insurance […]