In order to help protect worker health from the dust that is formed when sanding vehicle surfaces, an ideal solution for the body shop worker is to prevent dust particles from entering the air by extracting dust where it originates at the surface of the vehicle while sanding. This is one of the reasons why […]

Digital Dilemma: Lean in to the world of online tradeshows!

Any normal October would see members of the Canadian collision sector working hard to complete any last-minute SEMA Show plans. Plane tickets would be purchased, plans all set in place and products stowed away for travel to the bright lights of Las Vegas. 2020, however, is no normal year. While the 2020 SEMA Show has […]

The Art of Delayed Gratification: Refinishing the automobile with pride

Way back, during a time where people paid with cheques and wrote letters of correspondence on birch bark, I used to go shopping for groceries with my mother. As a child, I hated this task, so my buy-in was the acquisition of a magazine at the checkout. A Hot Rod or Car Craft magazine—some of […]

Being There: Communication is a multifaceted tool

By Jay Perry Every piece of research on what to do as a leader during tough times seems to contain this one common thread— communication. It cannot be overstated as to how the proper communication is critical to the wellbeing of your company—the challenge is the ‘proper’ part. Many think communications are restricted to sharing […]

The Silver Fox: The wit and wisdom of Tom Bissonnette

By Chelsea Stebner Much of my career has been spent working for the Silver Fox, who is currently leading the collision industry in Saskatchewan, Canada. However, our leading team wouldn’t be here without a strong, assertive, and engaged Executive Director for SAAR, the Saskatchewan Association of Automotive Repairers, Tom Bissonnette! Tom’s been in the industry […]