Catching Up With Coatings: I-CAR gives details on Honda bumper covers

Toronto, Ontario – I-CAR issued a notice earlier in the month providing answers to questions circulating around the collision repair world about Honda bumper covers.

The Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR) reached out to Honda/Acura for clarity on questions relating to the durability and coating process of their bumper covers.

“Some of our bumper covers are sprayed with a light coat of black basecoat that becomes very hard. This was to keep them from becoming scratched during shipping. There are also some shiny grey bumper covers that are actually a full wet coat of urethane basecoat,” according to a Honda representative.

“The shiny grey bumpers come from Japan. In Japan, all bumpers are painted from the factory so instead of skipping this step for export, they just paint them all grey. Prep procedure for all bumpers is to clean thoroughly, scuff with grey Scotch-Brite, re-clean, and seal before painting.”

The representative goes on to say that “Shops should not expect the surface to look completely deglossed as the durability of the basecoats will resist scratching. If they are clean and abraded, the chemical bond of the sealer should grip tightly.”

If you notice the paint on your bumper cover is beginning to peel, Honda recommends replacing the part entirely.


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