Catalytic Conundrums Continue: SGI reports 107 thefts so far this year, a 103 percent increase from last year

Regina, Saskatchewan — Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) has seen a drastic spike in claims for catalytic converter thefts this year, CTV News Saskatoon reported last Friday.

Last year, it received 34 claims. So far this year, 107 converter theft claims have been filed, reported the news outlet.

Dean Matlock, the owner of Minute Muffler, says he gets about 20 calls for cat repairs per week.

“They’re going under with a cordless (saw), stealing them in broad daylight,” he said.

Depending on the converter, the repair cost can range from $500 to $2,000.

Matlock says the precious metals inside the device are making it a hot ticket item for thieves.

“Rhodium, the price on it has really skyrocketed. It’s probably ten times than it was a year ago.”


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