Carrying On: Pandemic cuts business for U.K. repairers by 85 percent

Toronto, Ontario — While studies of the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on Canada’s collision sector may not yet be available, a survey of the virus’s impact on the U.K. repair sector paints a grim picture.

Collision businesses in the United Kingdom saw their work-volume drop by 85 percent in the first 15 days of the Coronavirus lockdown, a survey from research firm GIPA has found.

Based on information provided by English, Welsh, Northern Irish and Scottish collision business owners, research firm GIPA also found that, from March 20 to April 5, more than half of collision industry businesses closed down operations. Of those that remained in operation, less than 45 percent were operating at their workforce’s capacity.

While no survey is known to have covered the virus’s impact on Canada’s collision repair facilities, the toll taken by the virus is believed to be far less noticeable.

With about 108,000 cases spread across the U.K. to Canada’s 30,000 cases, the percentage of people infected is roughly proportionately even.

Self-isolation efforts in the U.K. are somewhat hindered by its high population density. There are more than 200 people-per-square kilometre in the U.K. In Canada, there are about 4. In the GTA, like in the U.K.’s capital, London, the population density is above 4,000 people-per-square-kilometre.

Founded in 1986, GiPA produces observational reports on the aftermarket consumers’ behaviour around the world. The full survey is available for £1,980–about $3,400–through this email address.




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