Carrossier ProColor network unveils new contest

The Clichés d'été contest will run from July 1 to September 30. Participants will have the chance to win either a personal alcohol detector or a vehicle emergency kit.

Laval, Quebec — July 19, 2016 — The Carrossier ProColor network has announced the launch of its new Clichés d’été marketing initiative – a series of three monthly contests to be held on the organization’s Facebook page over the summer and into the fall.

As an extension of the network’s 15th anniversary celebration, underway since May 10, the contest will be open to all residents of Quebec aged 18 and over that have access to a Facebook account. The competition calls for all participants to complete a registration form and submit a photo best representing the monthly theme provided by the network.

Launched on July 1, participants have until the end of the month to submit their favourite photo from a holiday trip. Two further contests will be held, running from August 1 to 31 and September 1 to 30 respectively. The contest will run on the Carrossier ProColor Facebook page at

Two winners will be selected each month to receive an auto-related prize. The first winner, to be determined by whichever photo has accumulated the highest number of votes, will receive a personal alcohol detector. A second winner will be drawn at random from all the remaining participants and will receive a vehicle emergency kit.

In a release to media, Carrossier ProColor network’s Director of communications and marketing Mary Jayn Villers expressed her excitement at being able to offer this contest to the public.

“When we ask people what distinguishes the Carrossier ProColor network from the lot, the answer is almost unanimous: it’s human dimension and the sense of family and camaraderie we feel among both franchisees and the Head Office,” Villers said. “(This) is what we used to inspire us while developing this series of contests which, we hope, will bring us closer to our audience while entertaining them.”

Since 2012, Carrossier ProColor has been a member of CSN Collission Centres, a leading collision repair network with more than 330 locations. For more information, visit

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