Car-Part.com launches Photomate imaging app

Car-Part.com has launched Photomate, an imaging app that interfaces directly with the company’s Checkmate system.

Fort Wright, Kentucky — March 1, 2017 — Car-Part.com has announced the release of Photomate, the company’s latest imaging tool. Photomate is a mobile app that allows you to take photos of your inventory. Customers can see the photos online and salespeople can them in Checkmate, Car-Part.com’s inventory management system.

According to Car-Part.com, Photomate is completely integrated with Checkmate. A statement from the company says that with a little help from you, your team instantly receives assignments in Photomate for parts that need photos, and helps them take the photos with their phones. The photos are then attached to your inventory in Checkmate, and included in your online part listings on Car-Part.com, Car-Part Pro, eBay, Trading Partners, and your own website. More information on how images will display in online listings is available at products.car-part.com/carpartgold/details.html#partimaging.

After photos are taken of the parts within Photomate, the photos are transferred to Checkmate wirelessly. (Photomate works with or without Wi-Fi.) From Checkmate, the photos are included in your uploads to any of your online part listings.

Photomate is included in the company’s Advanced Partmate service.Car-Part.com has also announced that subscribers to Partmate Review are being automatically upgraded to Advanced Partmate at no additional charge.

For more information on Photomate, please visit products.car-part.com/photomate/index.html.


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